MAY 2020

There are no refunds on purchased classes or packages.  All classes must be paid in advance. Early cancellations must be made twelve (12) hours prior to the start of class. Cancellations less than 12 hours prior to the start of the class, will be considered a Late Cancel. Late Cancels and/or No Shows will forfeit the class. Please email all schedule requests to lauramarthey@gmail.com. Late Cancellation Policies and expiration dates are enforced. Classes with low enrollment may be cancelled and rescheduled. Thank you for understanding.


  • Pre-registration and payment in advance is required for all classes, NO ONE will be allowed to participate without waiver and pre-payment 

  • Registration can be made online on the Classes tab, or by emailing lauramarthey@gmail.com with the following details: Name, Date and Time of requested class, Shoe Size, Weight

  • ​All clients should read the registration and cancellation policies and contact with any questions

  • A signed waiver of liability and release is required of all students,  you must sign-in to each class upon arrival

  • We reserve the right to cancel a reservation for safety reasons including but not limited to improper/faulty personal equipment, existing injury, medical conditions without physician approval, exceeding product weight limit 


  • Wear a supportive bra, avoid excessively loose clothing/jewelry as it tends to get in the way while bouncing

  • Tall socks that cover your lower legs are required to prevent rubbing and for sanitary reasons

  • Arrive 5 min before class start time to check in, use restroom, get socks on, and boot up as a group (even if you have your own boots) 

  • Upon entering the studio, we ask that you please wait for instruction before jumping on equipment

  • If you own your own boots, please inspect your equipment, making sure that the treads are not dirty before entering an indoor space

  • If you arrive late for class, your participation is not guaranteed (including boot owners), this is a Late Cancel

  • Gum chewing is not permitted & water bottles must be sealed

  • Refrain from wearing strongly scented fragrances

  • Be sure to tell your Instructor of any issues with the boots, and to secure all straps back inside the buckles 

  • If you must leave, please alert the instructor that you need to leave early at the beginning of class

  • HAVE FUN!!​


There are no refunds on purchased classes, packages, or products. Please be sure to order the correct boot size and tension bands for your weight and condition. Shipping costs for exchange on standard orders will be paid by the buyer. There may be additional fees to exchange custom orders. Classes expire 90 days from date of purchase unless otherwise noted; non-transferrable. Early cancellations must be made twelve (12) hours prior to the start of class. Expiration Dates and Late Cancellation Policies are strictly enforced. Email all reservation requests/product inquiries to lauramarthey@gmail.com. Please review our policies under the Classes/Policies tab.