Kangoo Jumps® rebound shoes are available in adult and children's sizes and can be adjusted to the weight and condition of the individual user. 

What can you do in Kangoo Jumps shoes?

  • Kangoo Jumps® Fitness Programs

  • Running/Jogging Outdoors

  • Strength and Conditioning Exercises

  • Cross Training 

  • Weight Loss & Cardio Workouts

  • Children's Physical Education/Games

PERKS to owning your own pair of Kangoo Jumps™️ Boots: 

• The springs will break in evenly to your body weight, giving you the best rebound
• The liners will mold to your foot, giving you customized comfort
• Your pair is custom built with tension for your body weight and physical condition

• All parts can be replaced as needed due to wear or personal preference
• Register for classes and events without worry of your size being sold out

• Workout on your own time in your living room, basement or outdoors

• No boot rental fees 

• Support from Kangoo Club Michigan on proper maintenance 

• Customize with your favorite colors 

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT SIZING OR WANT CUSTOM COLORS, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER! And BE SURE to purchase your boots from a trained expert ​or Official Distributor. 

 Kangoo Jumps™ boots are low-impact rebounding boots which allows you to run, jump &      bounce with 80% less impact to the body. Get an intense cardio workout in less time!            Challenge your core and burn up to 800 calories per hour. Our Mission is to share with          the world this amazing lifestyle of rebounding and to HAVE FUN Getting Fit!