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Jump to Fitness/Kangoo Club Michigan offers:


  • Licensed Kangoo Jumps Instructor Training courses in the USA both LIVE and ONLINE

  • Indoor and Outdoor Kangoo Jumps® Fitness Programs in the Southeast MI area

  • Pop Up Events and Private Classes at your location 

  • Official Distributor of Kangoo Jumps™ products for individuals, instructors and studios 

  • Rental of Kangoo Jumps™ boots for classes and personal use   

Kangoo Jumps™ boots are low-impact rebounding boots which allows you to run, jump and bounce with 80% less impact to the body. Get an intense cardio workout in less time! Challenge your core and burn up to 800 calories per hour. Our Mission is to share with the world this amazing lifestyle of rebounding and to HAVE FUN Getting Fit!


  • Joint Protection

  • Promotes Rapid Fat Loss

  • High Intensity Cardio Workout

  • Low Impact Exercise

  • Improves  Balance & Coordination

  • Fight Fatigue 

  • Shorter Workout Sessions

  • Stimulates Lymphatic System

  • Dramatic Endurance Improvement

  • Develops Muscular Tone

  • Slows Down Aging Process 

  • Prevent Injuries with Cross Training 

  • It's Enjoyable and Euphoric

  • Increases Capacity for Respiration

  • Enhances Digestion

  • Improves  Mental Performance

  • Promote Ideal Postural Alignment

  • Reduce Stress



Laura Marthey

Founder|Distributor|International Trainer
  • Founder Jump to Fitness & Kangoo Club Michigan
  • Kangoo Jumps® Trainer USA
  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
  • AFAA Personal Trainer 
  • 10+ Years Teaching Experience 
  • Official Kangoo Jumps® Boot Distributor 
  • Instructor/Trainer
    • Kangoo Power™​
    • Kangoo Dance™
    • Kangoo Boot Camp™
    • Kangoo Kick and Punch™
    • Kangoo Discovery™
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