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Proud to offer Official Licensed Kangoo Jumps® Fitness Programs

taught by an experienced KJ Trainer who will take your workout to the next level! 
Regular weekly classes are located in the Ann Arbor/Belleville, MI area.

Our outdoor season of classes may expand a bit further…check our schedule page for details.

Each class is high energy, low impact, and so much FUN…take your first JUMP with us today! 

Kangoo Power™ is the ultimate cardio rebounding class! Low impact Kangoo Jumps rebounding boots provide major benefits for all ages. It's so FUN, you'll forget you're working out! Safe, easy to learn, improves core stability & cardio endurance. Have a blast learning a variety of simple movement patterns set to energetic music while you bounce and burn up to 700 calories per class!


Kangoo Dance™ is an energetic, motivating aerobic program taught in a series of progressions to a variety of popular dance music. Safe and FUN for all ages and fitness levels. The program is functional and teaches participants effective jump techniques while preventing injury due to joint stress. The spring system acts as a shock absorber to reduce impact, and generates a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness! Blast calories, improve stability, coordination, and Have Fun Getting Fit!

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Kangoo Kick & Punch™ is a modified martial art/combat style non-contact workout that challenges the body at every level utilizing Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. All of your favorite combat moves from various martial arts, traditional boxing and kickboxing can be blended together for a workout that will challenge you to your limit, while protecting your body from impact. This is one of the highest energy/lowest impact fitness concepts in the world. 


Kangoo Boot Camp™ includes intervals of cardio/running and drill style activity with conditioning exercises. This format improves muscle strength and endurance as it improves cardio-respiratory fitness. Excellent cross training tool fighting workout boredom with fun drills for agility, speed, reaction time, balance and coordination. All in a motivating group atmosphere with sweet beats!

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